Support Team

Bob Turman, former president and co-owner of T. W. Foster Inc., has more than three decades of experience in Texas construction and commercial contracting. During his career he developed an extensive knowledge of construction from the ground up. Mr. Turman’s work can be seen at various sites throughout the Metroplex, including Wet-N-Wild, various banks, assisted living complexes, libraries and schools including Children’s University. By combining his skills and passion for building with a natural gift for teaching, Mr. Turman taught Children’s University’s outdoor enrichment education classes part time, led the children’s building and gardening projects, facilitated with special school wide events and mentored to younger children in his spare time. An avid hunter, gardener, woodworker, metalworker and sportsman, Mr. Turman is at home in the wooded acres of BeBetterU’s Dream Ranch where he currently assists with the outdoor learning projects and BBU Dream Ranch development.