Think kids can change the world? Want to know how? Join BeBetterU and start today by helping others in your community. You'll make new friends, try new things and have more fun than you ever imagined! Our hands-on program puts kids in charge – from choosing a cause to performing the service. No matter what your age – pre-K to preteen – we offer just the right amount of guidance to make each project a success. Ask your parents to email and be a kid on a mission for good.

BeBetterU: The Give-a-teer’s Club
Discover how children really can change the world! Our creative hands-on philanthropy projects empower children to combine their mind with their heart as they help those in need, build new friendships, discover the joy of giving and develop a lifelong love of volunteering and philanthropy while serving God through a unique children’s philanthropy program that inspires them to discover the power of teamwork and leadership as they work together to create a better world!

Some of our Focus Groups include: Seniors in Nursing Homes, Hunger and Poverty, Children’s Hospitals, Animals and Wildlife, the Environment and Community Development.

* Volunteer hours for children will also be provided.

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