BeBetterU is a philanthropy enrichment
program designed for children of all ages
that combines learning and philanthropy
into one powerful mission for good.

Mission Statement I Goals

Our Goals:

The BeBetterU philanthropy enrichment program strives to give children the skills and the will to create a better world. By combining real world learning with positive character building and philanthropy service projects and events we help young children discover their talents, embrace their dreams and prepare for a brand new world of opportunities.

Our major goals include:

Developing empathy by combining the hearts and minds of children in order to promote and support the growth of:
     • Passions and Talents • Creativity and Innovation • Character and Values • Positive Self- esteem
     • Hands-on Learning

Acquiring real world knowledge and successful 21st-century life skills including:
     • Career Awareness • Early Financial Fitness • Social Entrepreneur Awareness
     • Information Communication Technology • Problem Solving Life Skills

Reaching out to the community and world with youth driven service projects that are designed and inspired by children through:
     • Mentorship • Collaboration • Organization • Communication • Project Implementation Goals

BeBetterU Outreach Missions and Service Projects build self-esteem and a sense of purpose. They motivate children to make a difference today and inspire them to do great things in the future.

BeBetterU Events connect children to their community and their world, offer leadership and teamwork opportunities and help strengthen their personal/spiritual foundation.