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Grandfather’s Day Bingo Party: “Children Working Together … to Provide Smiles for our Fathers and Grandfathers”

“BINGO!” was the magic word of the day for our Father’s and Grandfather’s Day Celebration at the Horizon Bay Retirement Center.

The youth and children, along with the BBU Dream Ranch mentors and volunteers, planned an exciting fun filled bingo party for our Grandfriends in honor of Father’s Day. They greeted our Grandfathers with colorful hats and welcomed our Grandmother Bingo Party guests with a rainbow of colorful leis for them to wear. During the bingo game, the children and Grandfriends loved helping each other find “Magic Number” in hopes of being the team to call out the word “BINGO”! After our children played bingo with the residents, they passed out fun prizes, and served Father’s Day themed refreshments while being entertained with some joyful foot tapping fiddle playing tunes provided by one of our youth volunteers.

The Grandfriends’ Bingo Party truly embraced the meaning of Father’s Day, for both children and seniors alike experienced the love and happiness that bridges the golden years with the wonder years.