Partner Projects

Project Bird Houses: “Painting a Home for our Feathered Friends”

“None of us are as great as all of us!” was the message during the BBU Dream Ranch outreach service project for disadvantaged adults. The BBU Youth Board, adult mentors and volunteers wanted to spread the message that every person is special, and that it is our responsibility to spread joy as we care for one another, especially those that are less fortunate.

Therefore, on August 3, 2011, with the assistance of the BBU Dream Ranch mentors, our Youth Board members joined together with our volunteers to create a service project that would not only provide joy and companionship to the disadvantaged adults at the Adult Day Care Center, but also empower their residents to feel needed by enabling them to share their passion for art and nature with our youth volunteers in a service project that was designed to help them create colorfully decorated bird houses for their small feathered friends who live at the facility’s atrium.

On the day of the outreach, residents eagerly watched as our youth set up their painting workshops with brightly colored paints and a treasure chest of jewels that they would later use to decorate all of their bird houses.

As soon as the bird houses were passed out, the volunteers lovingly partnered with the residents to help them prepare for a day of painting by assisting them as they put on their aprons, passed out brushes, and shared a variety of colorful paint.

It wasn’t long before the residents, adult mentors and youth volunteers started sharing painting memories and endless smiles as they joined together to basecoat and decorate the bird houses in a rainbow of colors and jewels that were sure to bring joy to everyone’s day.

It was very heartwarming for the volunteers to see every person at the Adult Day Care Center, men and women alike, enjoy the bird house project. Their ability to express themselves artistically in a one-of-a-kind masterpiece design, created by their passion for art and their love for our little feathered friends, was unforgettable.

At the end of the day, everyone reflected on all of the happiness and companionship this service project created for everyone. Even though some of us are not blessed with the same opportunities in life, we were reminded that when we combine the mind with the heart, it is very obvious that everyone has talents, gifts, and passions… and therefore, something to offer that makes our world a better place.