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Grandfriends’ Christmas Party: “Bringing Holiday Joy to our Seniors”

Christmas is the time of year when everyone thinks of the wonderful blessing of family and how truly blessed we are to be able to spend time together as we celebrate one of the most important holidays of the year.

Project Grandfriends’ Christmas Party was definitely designed to do just that, help our Grandfriends celebrate Christmas by planning a Christmas party that not only provided holiday joy and laughter, but also a sense of “family” as our youth and children to spent an afternoon with their Grandfriends at the Town Hall Estates Nursing Home.

Our Youth Board mentor StarGuides began planning for this event by partnering with our younger Children’s Advisory Board members to create an Event Planning Committee in order to promote leadership and teamwork skills, real world project management knowledge and early financial fitness skills.

Nothing was forgotten. Our inspired young Event Planners divided into various Project Development Teams such as: an Entertainment Committee that focused Christmas Caroling and instrumental music soundtracks, a Catering Committee that designed a holiday themed refreshment menu and festive place setting for each of their Grandfriends, a creative Designing Committee that bejeweled holiday picture frames and tied festive bows around cuddly stuffed Christmas “Pet Buddy” puppies that were also to be also used as “therapy pets” for lonely seniors who had no one to spend the holiday with, and a Decorating Committee that focused on decorating and transforming the Town Hall Estates lobby into the most festive holiday party that our Grandfriends have ever seen!

During the party, our little Give-E-teers sang Christmas carols as they passed out holiday hats, served their festive refreshments and waited on Santa to arrive. Every resident loved seeing the joy and smiles on the children’s faces as they, just like the children, lit up with excitement as Santa arrived with his BBU Dream Ranch elves and his big red sack! Both Santa and Mrs. Santa joined the little elves in passing out stuffed holiday puppies to everyone. As the Christmas party continued, Santa and our little Give-E-teer elves also posed with our Grandfriends for pictures so that this special Christmas party would never be forgotten.

Before leaving, Santa and all of the BBU Dream Ranch volunteers joined our youth mentors and children as they visited the rooms of several additional Grandfriends that were unable to join the party. They too received a cuddly warm Christmas puppy to keep them company as Mr. and Mrs. Santa took a picture with them and wished everyone in the rooms a very Merry Christmas. This Christmas party was truly the best Christmas party ever! For it not only provided an opportunity celebrate Christmas with so many of our Grandfriends who dearly love being visited by our younger children, it also enabled our youth and children to actively witness their event planning real world life skills and how their talents and passions provided a Christmas gift that will continue to bridge our seniors golden years with children’s wonder years.